The Beloved Mister J

In my last blog post I talked a little bit about The Joker being in the new Suicide Squad movie. The Joker is one of the most beloved villains in the superhero realm.One can easily say The Joker is just as loved as his enemy Batman.Both, Marvel and DC fans share a strange love for The Joker. Why is this? Why does The Joker have such a huge fan base? I think I have some of the answers, but remember comic book friends this is all my opinion.

1. The Joker has no originmaxresdefault

Out of The Jokers 75 years of existence, his origin is still up for grabs. No one is quite sure who he is, we are only shown how he became The Joker. But, even his becoming of The Joker is quite shakey, and is not really known. The one plot that is widely accepted is The Joker was a small time crime boss who was being chased by Batman, and ran into a chemical plant to hide from Batman. Once in the chemical plant, The Joker fell into a batch of chemicals and became the man he is today. The crazy part is that might not even be how The Joker came to be, but it is the origin accepted most in the DC universe.

2. The Joker is actually insane…Joker_0004

The man is bat s**t crazy! He has no conscious when it comes to committing his horrible acts. In the comic books and movies The Joker is only motivated by and through chaos. He does not want the money, or to be top in charge. He just want to see Gotham city burned, and people die. What makes him even more crazy is that The Joker does not care about his own life. If he is captured by Batman, he will attempt some way to try and kill himself. Batman will then be forced to save The Joker, not allowing the man to die. In the comic book series The Jokers antics will make any modern day serial killer look like a little girl. He has been known to try and kill all of Gotham City’s babies, and cut off his own face to later wear it as a mask. What makes him even more crazy is that he is actually smart, or at least smart at chaos.

3. The Joker actually needs Batman


It is weird to think but I believe this. The Joker many times could of killed Batman, but he does not. Instead he kills people Batman knows, such as Robbin in one comic book series. The same can go for Batman, except Batman has one rule and that is no killing. But, The Joker has brought Batman so much pain, he easily could of killed him. But with out The Joker there would be no need for Batman really. Batman would just be fighting crime bosses, but no super fights against a crazy psychopath. The same can be said for The Joker too. Without Batman all of Gotham would be in chaos, just like The Joker wants. But, The Joker is a clown, with Gotham being in straight chaos he would get bored. There will be nothing left for him to do. He needs the steady conflict that Batman brings, he needs the fight. Batman and The Joker are the ultimate ying and yang, they need each other to exist.

And remember…we are all superheroes! EXCELSIOR!



The Suicide Squad Trailer

Every comic book fanatic knows that something big is coming our way. The Suicide Squad is making its way from the pages, to the big screen. The reason I am writing this post is because they just released a new trailer for the movie. In this new trailer we are shown more of the film then recent trailers. We are shown more of the movie, which allows comic book fans like me to form a plot. I have watched the trailer many times, and decided to write about two things worth talking about.

1. Batman is in the new trailer…a lot.


Lets take a look back at Batman v Superman for a second. There is a scene that shows Bruce Wayne walking in his Bat Cave, and then suddenly stops. He gazes up into a glass cage, and we are shown what appears to be a Robbin suit. On the Robbin suit we are shown this awesome Joke easter egg. The words “Hahah Jokes on you Batman,” are sprayed painted across the chest of suit. Fast forward to now, we are shown Batman all through out the new trailer. Putting two and two together it seems The Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman are all in the same DC universe. To be even more exact even though Batman v Superman movie came first, but The Suicide Squad is set before Batman fights Superman. Clever girl!

2. The Joker is in the new trailer… a lot


It is no secret now that The Joker is going to be in the movie. The psychotic character was immortalized after Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight . This Jared Letto version looks like it will give Ledger a run for his money. When the first Suicide Squad trailer was shown, The Joker was shown last in the trailer, as a surprise. We are introduced to all of the original characters that are in the comic books. The Joker fits into this because of the beloved Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn is introduced as The Joker’s sidekick, and main squeeze. Her real name is Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and she worked at the famous Arkham Asylum. While working at the Arkham Asylum, she met and fell in love with The Joker. After falling in love with The Joker, the rest is history. She is eventually caught after committing horrible crimes, and is how she gets involved in The Suicide Squad. It is hard to tell if The Joker is involved in this movie to get his girl back, or just to cause chaos as usual. It is also hard to talk about The Joker and not mention the new look he has. David Ayers and crew choose to go with a more modern joker, by giving him tattoos. It is a pretty cool touch I might add, giving tattoos to an already crazed man.


All in all Suicide Squad is going to be an amazing movie. It is fun to see DC take a page from Marvel’s book, and start connecting movies together. Remember I could always be wrong when it comes to this. I am only going off what was shown in the trailer. We will have to wait until August 5th to find out if Batman and The Joker have major roles in this film.

And remember…we are all superheroes! EXCELSIOR!

Where are the Women?


I recently wrote a blog post on the comparison between the comic book and movie Batman v Superman. If you saw the movie you would of been introduced to one of the most beloved female superhero there is…Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman has always played a very important role in the DC Comics universe. Lets not forget Wonder Woman is one co-founders of the Justice League. With all that said, she has a huge fan base along with a wonderful comic history. So why are we just seeing her on the big screen for the first time? In the movie Batman v Superman we are introduced to Diana Prince, but the main plot really is not about her. So my question is where are the women? There are plenty of female superheroes in both the Marvel and DC universe, yet many of our comic book friends do not make it to the big screen.

One might argue and say that there is not enough female superheroes. To that person I say you must be kidding. I have already mentioned Wonder Woman, who has a strong enough comic book storyline to have her own movie. The Amazon Princess also has her own share of lovable villians that would look perfect on the big screen.

While researching on this topic one lovely DC female vigilante popped into my head. Catwoman! Selina Kyle made it to the big screens in her own solo movie, played by Halle Berry. Cattleman received mixed reviews and the movie seemed to focus more on how Halle Berry looked, then actually the comic story line.

Catwoman_(Halle_Berry)_10             Unknown

Catwoman is a beloved vigilante, but her movie has tarnished her image. With the director focusing on showing skin and having Halle Berry boobs out, he also tarnished women lead films on superheroes. One can argue that Catwoman is not a superhero, but her storyline is superhero like. She has her own enemies and her own relationships (especially with Batman).

Female superheroes deserve to have their stories told. They deserve to not be turned into sex symbols, but actual superheroes. They are more then sexual side pieces for a male hero. Directors and movie studios need to understand they are ruining more then just the character, they are ruining other chances for female superheroes to hit the big screen.

And remember…we are all superheroes! EXCELSIOR!

Batman v Superman Comparison


Major spoiler alert for all comic book fans who have not seen the movie! You have be warned my friends. Recently DC brought together two of the biggest heroes our eyes have ever read about, and put them together in a movie. Batman v Superman! Night v Day! Bat v God! If you have seen the movie, you learn that Man of Steel plays a major role in starting this fight. We are first taken to the scene of Superman fighting General Zod in Metropolis, and both krypton characters are destroying the city. Fast forward to Batman v Superman, and we are shown a Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck version) speeding into Metropolis (Metropolis is right across the harbor from Gotham City) to try and save as many lives as he can. Boom! Just like that the fire is sparked, Bruce takes it upon himself to stop this man.

After seeing this movie I was taken back a few steps. There was so many similarities to the last book of the “Batman: Dark Knight” series. For example, when Batman fights Superman, he uses the same tactics as he did in the comic book. Batman first hits Superman with a thousand bolts of electricity, then blast Superman with ultra sonic sound waves and after all that Batman was able to land one punch. Of course Batman was wearing his special suit in both the movie and comics.

While there are many similar moments, there are a handful of differences. In the movie the fire is sparked by Bruce Wayne seeing what Superman can do. The fire is then kept burning by Alexander Luthor Jr., the son of Lex Luthor. In the comic book Batman kills the Joker while all of America was watching, he then becomes public enemy 1. Superman see’s this and is determined to bring him in for justice. In the movie Batman is determined to see Superman brought to justice, and in the comic book the roles switch. It is also pretty interesting to what sparked the fight in the comic books. In the comic book Superman stops a Russian bomb from hitting America, but the electronic shock sends America into the stone age. After Superman partially saves America, he gets ready to take on Batman.

In the movie Superman is killed, in the comic book Batman dies. Either way both storylines are very good. It is also cool to look at how movie directors pay close attention to the original story, but make necessary changes. Change is always good, it creates new possibilities for anything. Batman v Superman will always go down as one of the most important battles in superhero history, comic book or movie.

And remember… we are all superheroes! EXCELSIOR!



Welcome to my Dojo!

Come as you are my magical mystery friends!! Welcome to my wonderful blog about all things beautiful about comic books. On this blog I will write and talk about a wide range of topics dealing with both Marvel and DC comics. I will give in depth opinions on superheroes, and recent movies. This blog will represent every comic lovers dream. Even people who do not like comic books will be interested in reading my blog. Comic books can relate to anybody, everybody’s story is different. The amazing thing about superheroes is even though they are heroes, they still have human problems. The understanding of our favorite superheroes will help understand who we are. As a child we grew up loving and watching Spider Man, Batman and Superman. Comic books take us too another world where one can feel like they are flying. One can feel like they are actually super. Also for the sake of our time and yours I will not go into comic books not dealing with Marvel or DC superheroes. I am sorry my friends, the time and energy is not there for other graphic novels. But, if you love comics and superheroes, along with villains, you are in the right place.

And remember… we are all superheroes! EXCELSIOR!